19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno reenacts sleep paralysis-induced nightmares in his stunning, surreal photographs of a dark dreamworld.

sometimes it’s really hard not to hate this country.

“Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America.” — Captain America Doesn’t Need To Be A Jerk To Be Interesting  (via juvjuvychan)






fucking straight kinksters i swear to god

"It’s a giant luxury to be a straight, cis-gendered, white, educated, healthy and economically stable woman. It means that when I put on a dress and kitten heels and pearls and make-up and hold the arm of my partner who happens to be a straight, cis-gendered, white, educated, healthy and economically stable man we match the image of a powerful archetype that’s burned deep into our collective cultural retinas. […] I’ve come to think there’s even a queerness to this normaling that we do, from the very fact that there’s a consciously performative dimension to it. My dress and heels and pearls and make-up are a kind of drag. They’re exciting both because they provoke a response from my masculine partner, and because they garner approving attention from the folks around us."

fuck off forever tbqh

oh my god

literally “we’re so incredibly privileged and socially celebrated that it’s queer”

this can’t be real, please tell me this person’s entire online persona is an elaborate ruse


from the About the Author section: she is a “Coach for Magic People” omg

im weeping

this is definitely the worst thing i’ve read this year

  • ghost hunters: can you communicate with us
  •  *door creeks*
  • ghost hunters: oh so your name is william


serpeverde- in slytherin, you’ll make your real friends. (listen) (take it with you)